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On Call has a wide variety of satellite space options to fit your situation.


Scheduled Satellite Access


Adding IP or Managed Services to Your Existing Space


Data/Comm IP Satellite Services





QuickSPOTTM Scheduled Satellite Access


On Call introduces the easiest way to access and use occasional use satellite space. 


Immediately access dedicated satellite space online through a convenient scheduling portal.  It takes just moments to book space on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  


Then enjoy completely automated access in the field.  At the scheduled time deploy your automated QuickSPOT antenna system and it will automatically login to the network and activate your space. 


Step Into the Future - Add IP Services to Your Existing Satellite Space


Want the flexibility, convenience and management tools of an IP network but don't want to buy outside satellite space?  You don't need to!




For networks and station group who own their own space, on demand or automated scheduled access can be implemented on your own network.  A wide variety of custom management options exist for you.  We'd be happy to discuss your organizations goals, share ideas and case studies on other managed networks we have implemented. 


Voice, Data and Internet Services


For lower bandwidth service requirements, On Call offers the Secure Skies IP satellite service.  Secure Skies delivers secure, commercial class Internet service specifically for business applications.  Secure Skies takes advantage of shared services technology with some unique differences to ordinary IP satellite networks. 


  • Get a true, easy to understand Committed Information Rate (CIR) that we stand behind.
  • Unlimited Access - there are NO DATA CAPS on our flat monthly fee plans.  And we do not throttle back your data usage.
  • Choose from unlimited access, flat fee plans or pay as you go plans.
  • Enhance security and convenience with MESH network designs that let you transmit directly between your sites without having to go through a third party hub.









WEAU-TV (Eau Claire, WI) Showcases their new QuickSPOT™ system to SBE Chapter

On September 3rd, Todd Ritchie and Ron Viste of WEAU (Eau Claire, WI) hosted Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 112 of Western Wisconsin for their annual steak picnic, which provided a great opportunity for the station to showcase their new QuickSPOT vehicle.